Garage to Two-Storey Extension

Residential Extension

11th Century Church Extension

Library Extension

A garage at the side of a house awaiting conversion into an extension
A two-storey extension at the side of a house where a garage used to be

Our client wanted to demolish their garage and build a new 2 storey extension, with integral garage, utility room 2 bedrooms and bathroom. It was important for the extension to perfectly blend in with the existing property, so with the clients good architect and, of course, Profurb - the perfect blend in design and construction was achieved!

Another example of a perfectly designed and constructed extension which had acquired additional space to the clients lounge area, and a superb fully fitted annex with bedroom, lounge, kitchen and bathroom.

The side wall of an old 11th century church
An extension added to an old 11th century church

Profurb were contracted to construct this small extension to this 11th century church. This extension was constructed with the upmost care and attention to detail to this historic building. This created a new disabled toilet and tea room for the churches use, and Profurb were delighted to be the builders on this very special project.

An artists impression of how the building may look once completed
Artist's Impression
The actual building once completed, set in to the countryside

This project was cleverly designed to house our client’s book collection. The library was constructed against a steep bank in the woods to blend in to the surrounding countryside, with glass and timber frontage with a zinc and rubber roof. A large retaining wall was also constructed to level out the garden area to the main property.